SUPERIN is the first Ukrainian interactive mobile app created for playing along with the participants of the TV show Superintuition - the Ukrainian version of the entertainment TV format Identity. The participants of the show – local celebrities - attempt to guess the identity of the 12 strangers standing before them using their intuition. The show has been on the channel since 2010. It is one of their most popular projects in prime time. The SUPERIN app was tested in Ukraine in 2016 together with the country’s one of the most popular broadcasters NOVIY KANAL (part of StarLightMedia Holding).


“THE 7 SENSE” is a Game Show where competition occurs between Players in the Studio and an online audience.


"THE MAZE" is an Interactive Quest Show based on the Platform SINCE TV. In “THE MAZE” TV viewers solve riddles and navigate with help of their “second screens” in remote locations. If more than half of the TV viewers guess the correct Door, it will open automatically.


TO GO SHOW is an Interactive Reality Show based on the Platform SINCE TV. The main difference of TO GO SHOW in the fact that TV viewers, with the help of the Platform, choose the development of the game and can influence the game’s score and the script’s development.


DELPHI SHOW is an Interactive Talk Show based on the Platform SINCE TV. In DELPHI SHOW participants connected to the Platform are divided into Player-Oracles and the Expert League. Each TV viewer in DELPHI SHOW who choose to play as an Oracle can choose the topic (the most interesting key event). The Show can be broadcasted weekly or daily.